Phnom Penh to Shooting Rang

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$ 15.00
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 Shoot a variety of specialized weapons at Cambodia Extreme Outdoor Shooting Range. Experience the ferocity of shooting an RPG, rocket launcher, and AK-47, and set off explosions with hand grenades. The outdoor mountainside range away from the city allows visitors to unleash their inner Rambo. While you wait your turn, sip a beer and catch the scent of gunpowder emanating from the guns of the visitor before you. Most importantly, though, use common sense and be aware of your surroundings as the weapons are extremely dangerous. Put Cambodia Extreme Outdoor Shooting Range into our Phnom Penh road trip planning site and find out what's close by, where tof stay, and where to head next.

The price 15$ by car both ways from hotel to shooting range club (4-5 people)