Phnom Pros Phnom Srey (Kompong Cham Province)

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Phnom Pros Phnom Srey in Tropeang Cha village, Kro La commune,Kampong Seam district, Kampong Cham Province. These two mountains away from each other approximately 500 meters northwest of 7 km from Cham. Two mountains, it has a relationship with legendary men and women hide the mountain at the same time since the evening star and hide highest mountains are the winners and losers on complaints but ultimately successful women's side is required to men Women's fiance since ancient times until today. Phnom Pros Phnom Srey legend propagation of a king whose name Ayutthaya reigned in the Khmer kingdom. When her reign, no man dared fiance women wife groom, then her fiance man who has a good appearance in the eyes of God, for example, wants to become her husband. The women, who under her royal advice to male fiance followed her husband. In the days of misery for some girls who are visually impaired to the fiance, they refused to get any with a beautiful wife. So all the kingdom, the king of Ayutthaya. When the reign of King later church women "do not fit our own walk fiance husband So. We'll make a bet with the boys is playing a jam mountain side. If men lose, we were on our complaint to be a wife. " And thus came to Bolt mountain men signed the contract together and they also sent recruits recruiting more women . The man also had many male recruits declared. After gathered together as a team, and male and female leaders and that "we all need ground transportation to the mountain from early evening until the morning star Sunrise ". So some land and started shipping some land, some modified, some carrying their techniques. Night, came to the girls, all ground transportation time several hours using a small banghoutkom high in the northeast corner . The boys looked guess star shepherds impede sleep without rest. But the girls were further ground as long as the real star shines. Crow to be men woke up to see star exclaimed, "We are all different and overreached by women, and rising star recently ! "and they look at the mountain women is higher than its mountains shame defeat cunning women. Since then, the boys into girls wife fiance ages until today. Describe Phnom Pros Phnom Srey hill short Yeah, we feel you visited and development as well as achievements in a historic location customs men on women's complaints that authorities at all levels jointly build a historic building converted into a cultural resort among other resorts of the Cham people live crowd.

 Phnom Pros:Meanwhile, animal sculptures Hang earth floor, we found a gate luxury spiers hammered perfect is the gateway to the mountains or mountain Sovann Kiri Jewel with asphalted roads accompanied by receipts neakreach a distance of approximately 300 meters. On all types of road vehicles can travel up the mountain. But Beware of monkeys bite if bringing children to play with them is not to walk or to play close to the monkeys. Because most of them as a pet monkey crack it.After visiting the sights and absorb the atmosphere on a hilltop holy mountain Sovann Kiri Jewel or go visit, we can travel by infantrymen down the stairs foot or traveling by vehicle back down the road we will see a dirt road turns to the left foot of boy many achievements should enjoy and worship the surrounding garden library with top four roubaproh he was ... and so on.

Phnom Srey:Northeast stretch of the trail, which is about 500 meters from the mountains, we will see peaks taller than the mountain men. The decoration staircase of 217 steps and receipt Dragons side. In the mountains, this is no different from Phnom Pros is unsightly construction achievements saah some mixed construction not yet completed. Besides just building new achievements under the support of the donors, are they not been built yet, and because of this budget is the remaining construction old, there is a temple, built between 1956-1957 and shrines behind the mosque is about 2,000 years old. But all the older buildings have been repaired aside just survived to this day. Female mountain has a height of about 110 meters up the stairs only 217 steps is no other way.

The price 70$ only one way by car (3-4 people)

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